Where am I and Why Flowers?

I have been very lucky to live and own with my husband a wonderful Canadian country home. Located 20 minutes from Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, and on the infamous Meech Lake it’s a home with history, notoriety and many, many fond stories. With the kids gone we welcome vacationers during the summer. You can check that opportunity our here.

Our two-acre lot is a mix of woods, meadows, gardens and patios. At anytime during the spring and summer you can enjoy a variety of wild and cultivated flowers. I encourage the wild flowers as much as I take care of the cultivated garden.

I always wanted to have, on the wall in our living room, an enormous painting of a flower, painted by me – probably an Iris but perhaps a poppy – certainly not a tulip.

So, as part of my training to achieve this feat, I began photographing flowers to study how the light fell on each petal, stamen etc. and how the shadows formed the shapes which formed the flower. Well, you can image what happened…. I became a very accomplished photographer of flowers and have yet to pick up a paint brush – other than to touch up scuff spots on the baseboards throughout the house.