People say wonderful things – about you, about your property, about your family and friends. And – you know what? It’s nice to read it every once and a while. So here goes;

“Wow, I didn’t expect it to be this nice!” (Hmm need to update photos maybe?)

“Everything is fine. It’s just perfect!” (Yay, I can relax.)

“Your property is beautiful. And so many books, I love the books.” (We have a lot of books)

Actually, we love books too – our shelves are teaming with books on photography, travel, religion, geography, economy, and lots and lots of books for kids all ages.

“What a fun house, I love that there are so many areas to relax with the group or away from the group.”

Yup, you can sneak away and never be found – until you want, of course. And the kids can have a designated location for toys, books etc. so you don’t have an entire house to organise at the end of your visit. Brilliant!

“My shoulders relaxed as soon as I walked in”

Sounds weird but I hear this a lot from guests but also from my close friends. I love our spot and I have filled it with homey items – it’s not a fancy vacation rental – it’s a way of being, an oasis for families and friends to relax, tell stories, have too much wine and take naps on a favorite sofa, chair or dock.

“My friend who is studying Canadian fauna had a field-day (pun) with your garden and grounds – so many plants to identify!”

In the spring I let the wild flowers grow into a meadow in the front lawn – it’s a field of Indian paint-brush. My favorite garden plants bloom in late spring and early summer. I love the early garden, it is crisp and bright. Because the summer is so busy I choose easy-going plants for the summer like Shasta daisy, flox, Brown-eyed Susan and Heliopsis.

“I’m hoping we can get all the toys put away before we have to leave – our two-year old keeps pulling out the blocks”

“Wow, there is a keyboard to use. Yes!”

“I’ve never seen an inground trampoline – and such a good location in the front garden. It’s brilliant for the older kids to play with the tots while I BBQ.”

“I just ran the trail #62. I loved how it meanders up through the woods by the stream.” “Did you know that at the top of Wolf Trail you can see both the Gatineau river and the Ottawa river!?” (Hmm, yup!) “You guys ride the trails on your bikes? Wow I wish I had thought to bring a trail bike, I love riding in the woods.” (There are bike rentals available in Old Chelsea so not to worry)

We love to ride up #40 and over to that look-out but you can also hike directly up to it on the Wolf trail. Our property is steps away from NCC Trail #40, one of the many trailheads for the 250 kms of groomed trails in the Gatineau Park. You can hike and bike the trail in the summer and crosscountry ski daily groomed trails in the winter.

“I wonder what it’s like to do yoga on a SUP?”

Actually we do have a SUP yoga class every Monday evening in the bay beside our property. There are SUP rentals and an amazing Yoga leader. And, if you want to practice, you can rent the boards for the week or just a couple of days.

“Where are all the people today? The lake is deserted and there is no traffic at all.”

Our lake has a public access for all non-motorised water craft – canoes, kayaks, swimmers, so on a sunny, warm weekend in July the lake will be dotted with paddlers and swimmers. The boats generally disappear around the dog-leg into the back bay so it’s still pretty quiet on the main lake and during the week we have the lake to ourselves. There are only about 10 motorized boats that are allowed on the lake, they are owned by residents who mostly cruise around in the sunset.

“When I was having my coffee on the dock this morning I saw an orange buoy going down the lake and some splashing – I realized it was a swimmer who just kept on going down the lake”

Meech Lake is known to have very few motor boats so it is perfect for long-distance swimmers. Each morning a group of very accomplished swimmers do the 5-km distance and then jog back up to where their cars are parked. The Meech Lake Triathlon takes place at the lake in June.