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Wedge Lane – Whistler Family Home

Using natural, locally sourced building products, this home features southern views, spacious naturally lit rooms with access to the wrap-around decks and yard. Passive solar, covered decks, Low E windows and many other features will make this home low maintenance and fuel efficient as well as comfortable to live in.

Wedge Lane Progress #3

Wedge Lane Progress #3

Second Floor taking shape
  • Decking is both architectural and protection for the log work during construction. Materials are stored here during the second floor progress.
  • Second floor walls installation starts with Keith, the crew foreman, directing the crane with the fire place wall for the great room. Notches are pre-cut in the top of the wall to hold the timber frame purloins.
  • Steel beams, clad in Douglas Fir, provide the engineering to span further than with traditional wood beams.
  • Sturdy timber frame connections by KRT.
  • The garage well under way.
  • Seismic hold-down, 1″ threaded rod embedded 12″ into the concrete and epoxied, fastened with 30 – 1/4″ X 2.5″ SDS screws. There are 22 on the main floor – this home is staying put!
Wedge Lane Progress #4

Wedge Lane Progress #4

Progress in the family area on the second floor.

Wedge Lane Progress #2

Wedge Lane Progress #2

Timber Frame taking shape with the second floor and steel beams.
  • Kettle River Timber frame ( KRT ) takes over construction
  • Beams outside master bedroom
  • Stunning east deck view from stairwell window at the roof support post
  • KRTs product is exceptional and crew is a pleasure to work with
  • KRT used the large crane for the initial timber frame installation
  • the steel beam installation in the garage
  • Second floor ready to have plywood laid,
  • Working on the third and final lift of the concrete wall in the stairwell
Wedge Lane Progress #1

Wedge Lane Progress #1

Foundation and Walls - Cement pour
  • basement walls ready for cement
  • safety is paramount – rubber duckies used to indicate raw rebar
  • sealing the wall tops for the winter
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